Layer Painter - Material Editing With Layers - RELEASED

I would suggest you to add some workflow vids to attract more users, comparing the user-friendliness and speed of your interface versus nodes interface. Here a nice subject, easy and yet impressive:

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I’ll do that with the other tutorials that are going over the features.
I’ll make some sort of asset and texture it with the add-on, so the workflow becomes clear.

Just finished adding the new mask node groups and the new thumbnail selection. This should speed things up a lot when creating materials.


We can create custom node group , and addon create icon for us ?

You can create custom node groups and there will be a file provided with the add-on in which you can import the node group.
Then you just have to connect it and press render and it will give you the thumbnail image.

The awesome Lily Surface Scrapper addon now is supported by BATS. This means you can now enter a URL and import textures in a layer with just a few clicks!
You can check the addon out here:


And yet another useful addon is integrated into BATS:
The soon to be released Data Management addon by Grant Wilk (Remington Graphics). You will have a small white indicator in the layer operator panel, which will turn red when the addon detects unused images. Then you can press that icon to open a panel with which you can then clean the images from your file.
(By the way, there is an option for all of the integrated addons to turn there UI elements of if you don’t want to use them)


The BATS mode tab is not visible for me. How can I enable/make it visible again?

Or should I just re-install BATS?

What mode tab do you mean?

Sorry, I meant the workspace.

Try pressing import assets under tools in the bats panel

I can’t really add any more features at the moment (still because of the bug), so I will make some plans for tutorials now.

I had the thought that it might be better to have a organized website with a detailed explanation and pictures to all features instead of making videos about them.
The benefit of that would be that it’s easy to keep up to date instead of videos which I would have to remake every time something gets updated.
I would still do videos but only for more general things like the workflow and that kind of things.
What do you think of that and what would you like to see for tutorials?

A simple, quickly readable document or site is always a good companion I would say. Videos make sense for, like you already said, basic workflow or just to show what the tool can do.

The greatest potential for failure is when new users don’t understand a tool - you are on a really good way I’d say tho. :slight_smile:

Those node based masks are going to give it a huge push forward, especially thinking how many new features and polishes of existing ones are coming though the GSoC project.

As for websites, machin3 and masterxeon1001 have really well done documentation for their plugins, like here:

Anyways, BATS is looking awesome so far.

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It’s really interesting to see for me, because this is the first time I’m doing a add-on this big, and it was I think my biggest mistake not to do enough docs and videos.
That’s why I’m trying to do that better for this release as that should allow a lot of people to be able to use the add-on better.
Thanks for the feedback!


Thanks for the advice! :grinning: Docs and videos.

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I’m currently working on some exciting new features because I can’t finish texture painting due to a bug!


I got a request for adding folders, so I started working on that. The basics are working, but there’s a lot more things to add for them. Depending on how long the bug fix in the active tool api takes the blender devs, I’ll finish them for the big update!



I’m getting this error just by importing an object and trying to bake AO:

Traceback (most recent call last):
File “C:\Users\Juan\AppData\Roaming\Blender Foundation\Blender\2.80\scripts\addons\bats_addon_files\”, line 2419, in execute
bpy.context.scene.view_settings.view_transform = “Default”
TypeError: bpy_struct: item.attr = val: enum “Default” not found in (‘Standard’, ‘Filmic’, ‘Filmic Log’, ‘Raw’, ‘False Color’)

location: :-1

I’m on 2.8 with the build from the 22 of may and BATS 1.0.3

I looks like the problem could be solved by:

  • Go to line 2419 in
  • Change “Default” into: “Standard”
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Yes that should fix the issue. I’ll try to get a fix out later.