Laying out animations for export

Most of the work I do in Blender is for export to games, so I end up creating tons of atomic animations for a character that need to then be exported. Obviously the particular project determines how I need to do that; sometimes I need to add all the animations sequentially in the timeline, other times I am rendering animations directly to create spritesheets. My question is - how do I organise my scene so that I can easily switch between animations?

The last character I worked on involved an armature animation and two empties animating to provide IK targets for the legs. At the moment, if I want to re-render a particular animation, I need to swap the actions on each of the three objects, as well as possibly change camera parameters.

Is there any way I can organise this into a more convenient working arrangement? For example, should I put each animation in a separate scene linked to the base character?