How would I make a lazer (I dont know if it is spelled:“laser” or "lazer)like a starwars lazer that just shot out of a tie fighter?

Make a tube that emits light, and make the matereil completely transparent. I’ve never tried it, but it might work.

That might work, but search the site for a lightsaber, I know other people have used a line with halos and particles.

Well, if I search the site for a lightsaber, how will it tell me how to make one? it will only tell me what it looks like right?

Search for JasonH’s lightsaber tutorial.

yes i was just thinking use the halo lightsaber blade tutorial and by the way its

L=light A=amplification by S=stimulated E=emission of R=radiation


you don’t have to remember that though I’m 90% sure it wont be on the final exam

Ok, thanks, I will look for the tut.


Ok, Thanks I got the lazers in and everything, I just need to get the background image workin.