Lazlorigg Stone Circle

A stone circle inspired by Castlerigg in the Lake District. This is part of my ongoing quest to try to make a landscape that looks semi-realistic. Nothing special perhaps, but I like it.

Mountains made in Gaea, but textured in Blender. Basically lots of different rock and grass textures (mainly from moshed together and blended by height and slope. You can create masks in Gaea, but they seemed to result in some crashes. I think once I can use Gaea properly then it will add to the textures (and the realism of the topography) considerably, but don’t think it looks too bad.

Grass and flowers from Graswald.

Rocks were created using the Rock Generator add on. Again, textures from a mix of stone and rock textures. Also used the extremely useful Wayward Art company mask node to add some moss (not from Graswald - these are diffuse moss textures from, which I added some bump in using Materialize).

Added some volumetric scatter to generate a bit of haze. Rendered in cycles. 500 samples. No denoiser. Some additional colour corrections and cropping in Photoshop and Lightroom.

Obviously not much in the way of modelling skills being exhibited here!!


nice work !!!