Lazy Tutorials :(

Ok, i’m still fairly new to blender and i’m baffled by how many time lapse tutorials there are. Like why? i get that some blender pro or semi pros do it to show their process in a condensed time, BUT when the word “tutorial” is added to the title why even make it a time lapse video if the presenter is teaching the process. I need to be able to absorb all of the information the teacher is offering and not something that is rushed out on purpose, which i think is done intentionally. I don’t mind paying cash for awesome tutorials that will have me to awe when learning Blender. Can you list some tutorials paid or free that are full length? The only good teacher i’ve found so far is CG Boost and i’ve already done everything on his site already.


Crap ton of quality paid content. What are you looking for?


I think there are much more long tutorials out there than short & lazy tutorials.
Just keep looking around on youtube.
I started with ‘BlenderGuru’ - went from there… you’ll find tons of good, long tutorials on the net.

The lazy tutorials are great for intermediates. You’ll love them once you know the basics of Blender.
Lot’s of useful information in a short time…and often very entertaining.
The king of lazy tutorials, Ian Hubert, also has longer versions of some of his tutorials, by the way.


i mean i’ve found long tuts before but they’re from older versions of blender. could i still apply 2.8 to older versions from 2016? i’m looking for everything lol sculpting, modeling, enivronment design, grease pencil, 2D/3D animation and even pixel art animation if i can.

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I started with 2.8…and skipped all older tutorials. There are some major differences in older version, which can be confusing. You can easily watch tuts from all 2.8x versions though.
I always found tuts for anything I was looking for. Modelling, texturing, animation, physics, sculpting.
I don’t do any 2D animation though. But since that really took off with 2.8 anyway (as far as I know), you will mostly find tuts for newer versions of blender.

Just always type ‘Blender 2.8’ when you google… :wink:


OK- These are some great tuts with some well put together instruction.
ILM genius Jama drops some knowledge bombs here:

This youtube video on product viz should by all rights be paid content. Excellent work from an industrial designer perspective

Southern Shotty content is spectacular. Content and presentation is excellent.

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Lazy tuts are my absolute fave though- Cmon!


ok ok they are kind of funny lol. but i’m still a infant at this. Maybe i’ll appreciate them more when i’m over the hill of novice lol


This is a weird complaint. If you don’t like the lazy tuts then don’t watch them. Not everyone is a total beginner that needs to be walked through every step. Just like not everyone can get much out of lazy tutorials so they can go and find the thorough ones as posted in this thread. There’s a lot of paid and free content for you to choose from. Options are king.


Thank you guys for the replies. you’ve all recommended me some great tuts. Amazing how you guys came through when i was frustrated. will try some of these tonight! Blender is Love :slight_smile:


perhaps i was to hasty in my comment from frustration. I mean no disrespect to the men and women that update their channels from hours long video into condensed material.


it’s not a weird complaint at all. i’ve had the same, you want to learn something, do a search, and 90% of stuff you click on isn’t a “tutorial” it’s a timelapse. it’s a waste of your time. not everyone can work at 100mph or take everything in from a superfast video. Ian’s videos at least have him talking about what he’s doing and then you can go back and watch them in slow motion, but speaking of my own experience, a lot of stuff out there doesn’t.

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This type of tutorial only emerged with the 2.80 version and is aimed more at advanced users. There are tons of more serious tutorials for the previous versions (and of course for 2.80 too). The problem for beginners is that the interface looks different. I find e.g. the old AgenZasBrothers aka cgboost very well (but there are tons of others).

I totally see how Lazy Tutorials aren’t useful for total beginners but for intermediate users they’re the bomb. Ian Hubert for president! More LT plx!

Yes, that’s really great LOL but that’s a special form of entertainment instead of a tutorial, I think.

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If you join the Blender cloud you get access to beginners and more advance tutorials.
There are “getting started” fundamentals, animation fundamentals, grease pencil fundamentals and a bunch of others.
It is 10€ per month, you can drop you subscription at any time and you support Blender development.

I don’t agree, I actually learned a lot off these lazy tutorials. Yeah, I had to watch them several times to not miss steps but for instance the one with the moths around lamps taught me a lot I didn’t know. Of course there’s other tutorials around teaching the same stuff, taking their sweet time, but I like the 1-minute-ish gems that are Ian’s LT.

Oh don’t get me wrong i love ian’s tut’s and he is one of the greatest blenderer but i guessed for beginner is it more entertainment than Tutorial.

Oh for beginners I agree, as I said above.

I really liked Ian Hubert’s talk on world building linked above. He shows just how simple you can keep things while getting a good result. This video lead me on to his lazy tutorials. I found them excellent as (very) concise guide to using the tools together for quick and easy result. While not really aimed at people new to Blender, they are useful as a reference to more experienced users.
There are other videos (mis)titled ‘Tutorial’, that come up in searches, which are just a timelapse with no instructional commentary at all. They may be useful to some, but I get your point about them not being a tutorial.