Lazy Weight Tool

ver1.7.1 Added slider display option to weight table

Added slider display option to weight table

It makes it easier to see the weight strength.

You can disable it from the top right menu


  • Minor correction of brush menu layout

Bug fix

  • Fixed an issue in Set Weight where the individually configurable button next to Smooth reflected the main type setting instead of its own type setting
  • Internally, I modified and organized the file structure of the add-on

ver1.7.2 small improvement to the set weight

I updated a small improvement to the set weight function.
Better behavior when there is no active vertex group.

  • if no active vertex group exists, create new vertex group and add weight
  • and when the bone associated with the mesh is selected in pose mode, a new vertex group with the bone name is automatically added.

ver1.7.3 Small Bug fixed

Fixed the problem that the display disappears when the keymap is edited in the keymap tab of add-on settings.

ver1.7.4 Bug fix of keymap

Fixed a problem that keymap could not be registered in weight paint vertex selection due to change of use of Blender2.83

Hi, Is it available on 2.9version?

Yes, my supported add-ons are also available in Blender 2.90-.

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Improved weight transfer

The wait transfer function has been divided into new menu classifications from within the operator.
Added the automatic setting function of the weight transfer modifier.

Automatic setting of weight transfer modifier


Automatically set up a data transfer modifier to transfer vertex groups.

Set the weight transfer modifier on the active object to transfer the vertex group of the second selected object.

How to use

  1. Select two objects in the order of source> transfer destination
  2. Run wait transfer modifier
  3. Modifiers are set for the active object


  • Only Selected
    • Transfer weights only to the selected part
    • Set the vertex group with the selected vertex as the mask vertex group
    • A vertex group called " select_mask " is added
  • Generate data layer
    • If there is no destination vertex group, a new one will be created.
  • Active vertex group only
    • Transfers only the active vertex group of the source object
  • Apply modifier

This modifier is sorted first in the modifier order.

Weight transfer modifier (selection only)

Set the weight transfer modifier to a vertex group with the selected vertices as the masking vertex group.

Improvements for empty vertex groups

Added an option to the add-on vertex group menu display to make it easier to identify empty vertex groups.
It makes it easier to identify only the assigned vertex groups, or find useless vertex group assignments.

Finds unassigned vertex group names from all vertices.
In the case of high poly mesh, the menu display will be slow.

  • Darken empty vertex group
  • Hide empty vertex group
  • Selection only
    • Select only the selected vertices to search

Speed ​​up the delete empty vertex group feature

We reviewed the script and improved the processing speed.
Added an option to exclude locked vertex groups from deletion.

Bug fixes

Fixed an issue where menus were not removed when the add-on was disabled.


The default settings for the left and right filters in the add-on vertex group no longer match at the end of the line.
Fixed an issue where bone names such as Rigify’s “〇〇. L.001” were not filtered well.

  • old …… \ .L$
  • new …… \ .L

ver1.9.0 Update

Added copy / paste function of weight / Enhanced weight transfer function / Weighted object intersection

I implemented the weight copy / paste function, strengthened the existing function, and made other minor corrections and improvements.

Added copy / paste function for weights

Added the ability to copy and paste weights.
This is especially useful when you want to match the weights of a separated mesh or another object.

To use it, select the vertices and execute “Copy Weights”, then select the vertices you want to paste and execute “Paste Weights”.



You can make a more suitable paste for each option.


Paste with the weight of a single vertex.
There must be one source vertex.

Local coordinates

Paste weights on close vertices relative to the object’s local coordinates.
You can paste accurately to a mesh with the same origin and vertex position.

Global coordinates

Paste weights for vertices close to each other relative to global coordinates.
You can paste exactly to a close mesh, regardless of the origin of the object.


Paste weights for vertices with the same vertex index.
Great for meshes that have been duplicated from the source, have not been edited, and have only been transformed.

Mix mode

You can change the blend mode when assigning weights.
You can select replace / add / subtract.


You can change how close the vertices are allowed.

All vertex groups

Targets all vertex groups. Enabled by default.

Precautions for local coordinate / global coordinate mode

In the local coordinate / global coordinate mode, weights are set for nearby vertices as many times as the number of copy source vertices.

(Even if you paste a copy of low poly weights to high poly, it will only be reflected in the number of vertices of the copy source.) For
meshes with significantly different topologies, use the weight transfer function.


  • Copy weights Ctrl + Shift + C
  • Paste weights Ctrl + Shift + V

You can also access it from the Shift + X pie menu.

Enhanced wait transfer function options


An option has been added to the “Automatic setting of wait transfer modifier” function.
Options can be changed after the operator is run or from the bottom of the menu.

Added options

  • mapping
    • Changed the default setting to closest vertex
  • Mix coefficient
  • Maximum distance
  • Ray distance

The modifier is now applied immediately when executed with Ctrl + click.

Bug fixes

Fixed the problem that a new vertex group with the same name is always created in the create data layer option.

Weighting object intersections

Weights the overlapping parts of the selected objects.
The dynamic paint modifier is used for processing.

  • Lazy Weight Tool Panel Menu> Accessed from within the operator



  • New vertex group
  • Mix mode
    • Weight composition method
  • distance
    • Enlarge the intersection
  • strength
    • Weight strength
  • Wireframe display of other objects
    • Wireframe display for non-active objects to make weights easier to see


  • Added copy / paste of weights and operator menu to pie menu (Sfhit + X)
  • Changed the order of set weights in the panel menu
    • Main function due to more menu items
  • Added “Select All (Deselect) (Ctrl + A)” to the keymap
  • In the wait table, a warning message is displayed in edit mode.
    • (The weight table cannot display the exact mesh in edit mode)
  • Changed the name of the blend mode option when assigning weights
    • old …… type
    • new …… Mix mode

Bug fixes

  • Fixed the problem that the symmetry function was not working in Blender2.91 due to the specification change of the symmetry option.
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@Bookyakuno You should probably enable your hidden files view and remove the desktop.ini from the project.You probably shouldn’t be distributing that icon. I doubt you’ll get in trouble, but that pink folder just looks kinda silly :wink:

Oops, it’s an icon for my personal folder identification.
I didn’t intend to include this in the distribution data, so I’ll remove it.

ver1.9.1 Updaded

Supports face selection / Improvement select function

Supports face select

Supported face selection.

It also works with texture paint, vertex paint, etc.

Improvement of Loop select / Shortest Path Click select function

Fixed an issue where click selection could not be performed normally for models whose shape has changed due to various deformation modifiers.

For example, you can correctly select a mesh that has been posed with an armature modifier.

Fixed an issue where click selection might not be successful when shading xray is enabled.

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ver1.9.2 update

Multiple objects can be processed at the same time / Copy-paste weights Function improvement-Bug fix

The basic functions have been strengthened and improved.
You can now batch process multiple objects.
Updated add-on package.

Set Weight

Now executable for multiple objects

You can set weights for multiple objects at the same time.
It is supported only when executed from edit mode (because it is not possible to check the weight display of multiple objects).

  • Added option to switch active vertex group of selected object to the same one
    • This is useful when you want to work on a group of vertices with the same name for multiple objects.
    • Appears only in post-configuration options when processing multiple objects
  • The symmetry setting reflects the symmetry setting of the active object

Added symmetry distance option

Added a symmetric distance option to the set weight feature.
You can set the allowable distance of the vertices to be symmetric.

Can be changed even after executing symmetry

It can be adjusted from the symmetry option at the bottom left.
The adjustment will also be reflected in the enabled state of the object’s symmetry options.

Bug fixes

Fixed an issue where inaccurate vertices would be targeted if the target vertices could not be found.

Improved weight copy / paste functionality


Improved processing speed (excluded vertices without weight assignment from processing).

Until now, the existence of the copy source object was required when pasting at the local location, but the existence of the copy source object is no longer required (because the copy source local location information was also added to the clipboard).



Due to changes in specifications, past versions of the clipboard cannot be used.

  • Improved processing speed (changed internal method).
  • You can now batch process multiple selection objects
  • Added “Weight Strength” option
    • Adjust the value of the weight to be pasted. This value will be multiplied
  • Added search type option
    • You can choose how to search for target vertices locally or globally
    • 1 point: Find one near vertex
    • Range: Finds all vertices within the specified radius. This is useful when there are multiple vertices at overlapping positions.
  • Changed the default setting to local coordinates
  • Don’t assign to locked vertex groups
  • If there is no vertex group, the active vertex group is now the same as the copy source

Check the clipboard

You can now check the clipboard for weight copy and paste from ▼ at the bottom of the menu.
Normally you wouldn’t edit this.
(Clicking in the text area and then copying will copy up to 28585 characters. Copying with the mouse hover will copy up to 4096 characters)

Weight transfer

You can now create as many weight transfer modifiers as there are selected objects on the active object.

Fixed an issue that may not work properly depending on the selection order.

  • Added object transform options
    • Compare in global space. Enabled by default


Added detailed operator


  • Switch the active vertex group of the selected object to the same
    • Makes the active vertex group of the selected object the same name as the active vertex group of the active object.
      It works when you have a group of vertices with the same name.
  • Generate an empty vertex group
    • Generates a vertex group that the selected object does not have compared to the vertex group of the active object

Don’t close the menu with undo

Fixed an issue where undo would unintentionally close the menu while working by setting the menu properties from the scene to add-on settings.


  • The vertex group menu of add-on in the panel, 3 column vertex group has changed the name to
  • Added pie menu shortcut to mesh edit mode
    • Shift + Alt + X

ver1.9.3 Updated

Added Adjust weight gesture function

Lazy Weight Tool_ver1-9-3_adjust_weight_gesture

Added the weight adjustment gesture function.
You can adjust the weight by moving the mouse.


Shift + Alt + F in weight paint mode


It can also be accessed from the add-on’s panel menu > Operator > Weight adjustment gestures.


  • Shift : Tweak
  • Ctrl : Round the value
  • N : Normalize
    • Performs all normalization during weight adjustment.
  • T : Target object
    • Active Object: Targets the active vertex group of the active object.
    • Selected Objects: The selected vertex group of the selected object with the same name is adjusted. This is convenient for adjusting the weight of multiple parts at the same time.

Known bug

When the mouse is changed from right movement to left movement, the reflection in the value is slow.
The weight value is constantly increasing or decreasing during execution. When the weight of the vertex becomes 0.0 or 1.0, the original weight value cannot be restored even if the mouse movement direction is changed in the middle. If you want to cancel, you need to undo after execution.


ver1.9.4 Updated

Added a bone hierarchy display menu for vertex groups and a pseudo layer function

Vertex group bone hierarchy display menu


Added bone hierarchy display mode for vertex groups.

  • It is indented according to the depth of the hierarchy.
  • It is colored according to the depth of the hierarchy to make it easier to see.
  • ▼ You can fold it from the icon.
  • Since there is no limit on the range of the list, there is a problem that scrolling is required if there are many bones. Take advantage of folding.

Switching menus

You can switch the menu display from the Lazy Weight Tool panel menu> 3-column vertex group> Use bone hierarchy display.

Added the ability to combine multiple weights like layers

Added the function to add a layer for adjustment (weight composition modifier) .

You can add a new vertex group and weight composition modifier, change the blend mode and adjust the influence like a layer.

You can access it from the Other menu in the Vertex Group, Add Adjustment Layer (Weight Composite Modifier).

A simple menu is added below the items in vertex group A.

  • Simple menu
    • If you have a weight composition modifier, a simple menu will appear in the add-on’s vertex group menu.
    • In the simple menu, you can rename the vertex group, [View] / [Render] / [Apply (Delete the adjustment vertex group at the same time)] / [Delete (Delete the adjustment vertex group at the same time)] of the modifier. …
    • You can also adjust the blend mode, the degree of influence, and switch the selection to vertex group B.


  • You can disable the simple menu from the 3-column vertex group menu> Options> Show Weight Synthesis Modifier Menu.

Copy / paste weights


  • [Export clipboard to file] function has been added.
    • You can save a clipboard backup for pasting weights as a file.
  • [Paste (from file)] function was added.
    • It is convenient to paste weights using the clipboard information backed up by the above function.

I love that you keep updating this. Thank you. :slight_smile:

ver1.9.5 Updated

Added the function to round the decimal point of the weight value.

It simplifies the weight data by truncating the small values of the decimal point of the weight.



ver1.9.6 updated

Added a button to select a bone with the same name from the vertex group menu

Added a bone selection button in the bone hierarchy display menu of the vertex group.
Actively select a bone with the same name by clicking the bone icon next to the vertex group name.

(This applies to bone objects associated with the mesh)

  • Menu location
    • 3D View> Side Menu> 3 Column Vertex Group> Switch to Bone Hierarchy Display Mode> Click Bone Icon

Detailed functions

  • Shift: Multiple selection
  • Alt: Only deselect bones

ver1.9.7 updated

Supports individual panel menu and [Mirror vertex group] option

Individual menu panel

Since the number of menu items has increased, we have separated each item as a panel menu.
As with normal panel menus, you can rearrange the menus, open/close all at once by pressing Ctrl, and open/close with the A key.

From Add-on Settings> View, you can revert your favorite menus back to the previous one-panel menu .
In addition, you can now hide the weight table and standard vertex group panels.

Limited the displayed modes

Since the weight-related menus are mainly operated in edit mode and weight paint mode, they are displayed only in those modes.

(Correspond so that the increased panel menu does not get in the way of other work)

Supports [Mirror Vertex Group] option

When the mirror setting of the mesh is enabled, the mirror weight is assigned to the symmetric vertex group.

The mirror inversion behavior is similar to that of weight painting with a brush.
If there is no target vertex group, it will be weighted to the other side of the same vertex group as in the previous behavior.

  • Example: When weights are assigned to arm.L , the opposite weights are assigned to arm.R instead of the other side of arm.L.
  • Example: For vertices without a symmetric name, such as Spine , mirror weights are assigned within the same vertex group.


  • The mesh mirror setting is valid
  • The standard function [Mirror Invert Vertex Group] option is enabled.
  • There is a vertex group with a symmetric name

Name set

Add-on settings> Finds symmetric vertex group names based on the nameset.
You can add new name sets like “, (‘hoge’,‘huga’)”.


Hello, I just purchased this tool but to be honest I don’t really understand how to use it properly or effectively. Are there any good tutorials on YouTube or elsewhere that show examples of how to properly make use of this tool? (so far I haven’t been able to locate any). I would LOVE To see an end-to-end tutorial from someone who really knows how to use the Lazy Weight Tool so that I can actually learn how to use it myself. To be honest, the written documentation isn’t that helpful for someone like me who is just getting started with this tool… I’m feeling completely overwhelmed.

I have not created a video that explains how to use the Lazy Weight Tool for beginners.

For the Set Weight function, the link below may be helpful.
It’s a 3ds Max video, but it’s similar in usage because it’s the tool that inspired the idea.

3ds Max Speed Tips --06: Lazy Skinning and Binding --YouTube

Hello ! Thank you so very much for your very kind reply. OK, I will certainly have a look at the video you suggested, perhaps it will give me some ideas.