LazyLouis (Donutt Queen) Sketchbook

Hey guys! I’ll be posting random quick renders that I’ve done or unfinished projects! I use mostly use Zbrush and Blender. Feedback is always welcomed

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This was a quick render done as kinda of a selfie

Been working on a cat girl recently

Her in zbrush before i brought her to blender

Another project in my line up
Model made in blender and sculpted in zbrush

Love your art style!

Keep up the great work!

Thanks so much!

Taking a break from my normals projects to work on my final for school

More progress made on my final project

LOL! … niiiiiice!.. I love post #7

Tell us about your process…
are you just sculpting and texturing… ?
or are you box modeling and then using Armatures to get your face expressions?

Thanks! Usually I start off with a base model that i created in blender. This is a very old video, but it kinda outlines how i start my basemeshes. I typically make one base and use it for a while before i decide to change up my topology or style a bit. So once I imported my basemesh, I get to work in zbrush making a character from my head or a concept I made up. When I’m complete with the scuplting process, I begin to add details, like pores etc. To get the expressions, I started using zbrushes Tpose tool because i found it easier to directly manipulate the posing and facial expression that way. After that, I bake all the textures in zbrush and import the model into blender and finish out the render in cycles, then do a little photoshop and I’m done.
Hopefully that explains it enough!