LCD screen questions

Hi everyone!

Another self inflicted exercise from me :wink: I’m trying to do a display screen. It should have a transparent glass screen which picks up edge highlights and it should have the appearance of being backlit. So far I’m struggling.

First I did this, which looks good but is completely wrong…

Then I did this which is technically better but still wrong…

What I’ve got is the
main background which continues below the screen
a lcd backlight pane set to emission
and a raised and beveled glass screen ontop set to glass bdsf

The question is how should I be doing it? If possible I’d like the backlight to radiate in from the edges.

Hoping you can help, thanks :slight_smile:

As a bonus, you can see in the first image I’m using an image for the background which I like the effect of but it really slows the computer down, is there a more efficient way to do it?

This looks like Cycles, so I will assume this is true.

If it never has an extreme closeup, chances are that no-one will ever be able to tell the difference between a well mixed transparent/gloss node and glass. This would probably speed up your render quite a bit and give you good control over where you pick up highlights.

If you’re hell-bent on glass, use glass.

Then for the picture, just use a real image as the color input for an emission node.

Maybe make a cube with the dimensions of your screen, 16 by 9 inches for instance, make it a couple of mm thick, point all the normals out from the cube except the plane you want to put your picture on, make that one point into the cube.

Assign your glass material to all the faces with normals pointing out, then your picture material to the face that has a normal pointing in.

I don’t know if this makes sense :slight_smile:

Glass casts shadows so when you put it in-front of that emission plane it causes the edges to behave that way (I should say it causes the beveled edges to behave that way), there is a couple of ways to improve that but if it were me, I wouldn’t use the glass at all, unless you need the screen to turn off.

You should be aiming for plastic though rather then glass since plastic reflects differently.

Also the glass shouldn’t have a bevel either.

Thanks monsterdog, yes it is cycles sorry :slight_smile:

It kind of makes sense :wink:

It’s tough, I’m not sure what to do. I don’t really need it to be 3d as it is a static image and I can fake 3d ok in photoshop, it’s more just an experiment to see if I could do it in blender.

Hey proxe, again it seems a bit more complicated to do in blender, I just liked the colour reflections in the screen frame thought it’d be nice if I could get the whole thing working. This is something I’ve done in photoshop…

I might just stick with doing things in PS.

Ps: There are all kinds of bevel on the screens of music equipment :wink:

I was looking at my LCD when I said that :slight_smile:

Here’s my ‘best of both worlds’ compromise…