LDN Lockdown Project

My lockdown personal project. This is basically the houses i see when I look out of my window in London. Funnily enough the houses look all the same at first but are actually all slightly different depending on the street.

Style very much influenced by the great dedouze

Made with Blender, rendered with eevee.
Music was provided by un studios

Here is the blend file

The scripts to randomize the house assets should be in there. Very dirty, based on naming conventions…


geoegeus artwork

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Thank you very much

@dedouze check it out :slight_smile:


That’s pretty wild and really nice of you to share your project.

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Wow, looks really nice!!


I featured you on BlenderNation :tada: Enjoy your weekend!

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Love your project, working at something similar, surely checking your project file!

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Thanks, I hope the file will be of help. It’s only semi clean like any personal project :slight_smile:

this is just stunning!!!

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Thank you. Glad you like it

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Nice concept. But not very nice experiencing it in real life.

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You’re on the #featured row! :+1:

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lifetime goal achieved

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Fabulous work fabulous music.

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Great work! :slight_smile:

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i love it. nice mood.

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Thank you for sharing the project file, i’ve loaded the scene and it’s more complex than i thought

your solution for the toon effect works very well, unfortunately it’s a bit hard to dissect

if i understand well you made a paint over of the line art with Grease Pencil instead of using Freestyle, the method produces good results, did’n think about this approach, probably because i’m an Old School polygon cruncher

there’s a possible issue with this and it’s about the line thickness getting to small or too big when zooming the camera in or out, maybe you alread considered this

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yes the line art is all grease pencil. that just makes it easier to control.
and yes it would cause problems when zooming far out, but I knew that this project would be quite constrained in regards to camera distance. So that’s not an issue.

But I thought about this and I think a simple LOD system would do the trick. Maybe with drivers that fade transparency on GP objects. And simpler shaders in the distance to reduce noise.
But yeah that was slightly out of the scope of this project