Le Castle Vania - Prophication | Mau5trap Records

Hey all, Here’s a music video I made for “Le Castle Vania” and his new EP that’s coming out on Mau5trap records.

This is my first Blender movie :slight_smile: Although I’ve worked in animation for years. I must say I’m happy to leave Maya behind. On this project was Pablo Lizardo and Jarred de Beer, who are both Blenderheads and taught me a lot about Blender. I met them a couple years back at Hampshire College when they were working on Bassam Kurdali’s new film “Wires for Empathy”.

Anyway, here it is I hope you enjoy. All 3D was done in Blender, otherwise painted and composited in PS and AE respectively.


Astounding. Really good work. :wink:

Love it! Dark, cinematic (great directing), and impactful action right up front that calls out the music. How long did it take you talented lads to make this marvelous piece?

PS - Caldera is about the most beautiful piece ever.


It was a 10 week gig, including preproduction and pitch. It was a tight schedule since Dylan (LCV) had already signed with Deadmau5 and his EP was quickly moving down the line towards it’s release. It was a pretty hectic schedule, particularly because I was learning Blender as we went along. If it weren’t for Pablo, showing me the ropes, I would have lost my mind :slight_smile:

All in all, I’m a happily converted Blender user. For this kind of low poly and stylized design, it’s incredibly fast and fluid.

Thanks again, I’m glad you enjoyed Caldera too!

This is great Evan ! Loved it !
It is nice to see that you have switched to Blender. Did you have any difficulties for switching from Maya to Blender ? It is really great to see talented film-makers like you using Blender in production !

Congrats again ! :smiley:

Hey Riton, Thanks!

The transition was a little difficult, but I had Pablo Lizardo to show me the ropes. Now I love it, I just used it again on another client piece. I can work so much faster in Blender, whereas Maya always seemed to get in the way. There are some key features that are lacking, however I can look past them considering how fantastic this piece of software is.

Thanks again!

Great video! Fits the sound really well, while it could still stand on its own.

I have seen it in BlenderNation and it is really awesome.


First of all, welcome to Blender community. I was completely blown away with this work, spectacular result!

it so lovely
Please, go on.

This is a great example of what Blender can achieve. Well Done!

Most excellent!

Thank you all for your kind words! I’m very glad to be a member of this community!

simply stunning! I hope you stick with Blender and in the future you’ll be able to provide some meaningful input into what you feel, as a professional, is missing. This would be incredibly valuable:)

Can’t wait to see what you put together next!

Incredible work, Evan! Fantastic job telling a story without words, and letting the imagery create a mood. I hope to build to such a level of skill one day!

Hey Evan! Respect! This turned out to be a masterpiece! Now you have the crowd wanting more…

Please don’t stop here.


Very entertaining Video. Excellent composed (both video and music). For me the Music Style is something between Deadmau5 and Daft Punk (and would also fit into a game like Wipeout). The Cockpit (and the hand of the character) remind me abit of Tron Legacy. The Bulding looks lke a interpretation of the Daft Pank Show Pyramid and a Cyber Version of The Eye of Sauron.
I dont wanne say you copied these things, but i think you got the inspiration from there? It looks really wonderful and has it’s own style. You also get a good feeling for the speed of the aircraft (spaceship?!). Best part for me is also your 2nd screenshot (at playtime 1:10), when you see the large building from worm perspective and the smoke behind the “eye” slowly moves. it looks like a movie like production. For me it’s close to perfect. the only part that is a bit strnge to me, is between 0:52 to 0:55. The glowing of the ship is fine but there are some sharp edged shadows and something strange on the right side. maybe smoke or a pit of a mountain.
Besides that i can’t find anything to improve or change. Very Good Work!!!

Love this, great work and the great music has been done true justice with this piece!

Wo! Great!