le Petit Prince

I don’t know, if 500.000 Polygons still count as “Low Poly”, but i made this Artwork for one of my most favorite novels and i’d like to hear your thoughts on this little project of mine.

(Btw … no Image Textures were used while creating the Rose … just a Model with materials and some procedural textturing…)
If you are intrested in some breakdowns (and since the Image uploader of blenderartists don’t likes my PNGs), check out this link: https://www.artstation.com/artwork/ozeRW
And Because it’s you … my compositor. Gorgeous ^^

Feel free to leave any comments/thougts below

O Man, your art is beutifully elaborated. There is a lot of nodes. Did U see the tv series(CGI)?

First of all Thank you for appreciating my art…

Waaaait … there is a TV-series … CGI … ohh boy i think this will be bad, but i’ll give it a try…
a few moments later…see my reaction in the link below
Neither Antoine de Saint-Eupéry nor our current generation are deserving this kind of treatment. I mean I can clearly see, how these kind of TV shows have a limited budget, but that’s no excuse for such a bad production value, almost non existant art-design and such bad writing.
You can do great stuff, if you now how to use a limited budget for example by going for a less expensive and more stilized/minimalistic approach (LOW POLY for example…)
But this series … that’s just abusing intelectual properties! this makes me really sad.

Oh man! Beautiful composition dude! :smiley:
Great work! 5*

Beautiful and very poetic !