LEAF Contest Entry

Hi, I’m entering a contest and would like to share my entry with the Blender Community. I made this animation in around 15 days. It’s my first animation, but i wouldn’t call it a finished animation, more like a half-finished one so please view it as such. I appreciate any criticism to help me get better. If you could like it and tell other people to like it too that would be great since one of the winners is chosen from the most liked video. Thanks.

Here’s the link: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=INm510HJoic

When my entry gets up on the website, I’ll post a link to it. (theres another part of the contests where the winner gets chosen by the most Facebook Likes)

UPDATE Use this link instead and please like it with the Facebook Like button next to it. Thanks, I really appreciate it!!


Your walk cycles need work; and you should have a better connection between scales and Sintel. Have him with Sintel in the first shot, that would make it clearer that Scales stoped to clean up after the missed shot rather than having come along later.

Agree on walk cycle. There are a lot of resources to help.

Is this for the blender community? Outside of it, not so many people know about Sintel and Scales. Maybe just a dog or rabbit (big buck maybe) in that case, because they would be in a park

I know the walk cycles need work, like i said everything was only halfway done. I barely had enough time to finish this.