Learn from my chaos?

Here is a thing, I believe it to be the most use-full thing ever,

I am not always right, but I am.

Use it, learn from it, cast it aside as a toy, I don’t really care, I just want to share :slight_smile:


SuperBasicAI.blend (409 KB)

Body did not have the Track to bit right


SuperBasicAI.blend (426 KB)

No comments ?

What is it?

Animation system

So, Vision Cone Collision initiates Track To At Player (Forever ,needs to be able to forget, but I will get to that)
When vision hits tells body starts count, x=x+1
when count is 6 it toggles “Flip”
if Flip is TRUE it does X=X-1 instead
if count hits 0, toggle flip again,

so I can animate a 6-frame motion with this, or change numbers/ timing and play it again and it’s another animation

So it tracks based on vision, waddles after *player
and has a built in walk cycle player

0123456543210123456543210… forever while count is On

you could change Max number etc and the rate of advancement, and get any kind of curve/linear etc

Now comment?
My ego is a puddle on the floor :frowning:

I code logic much better then python but I need a python dude on my team to do stuff logic simply can’t, or to take my almost code and solidify it in Cpu happyness

Wow. That’s incredible actually. I see it now.

Thank you!! I have been eager to contribute anything use-full :frowning:

I have a lot of ideas but I need a little bubble popping now and then…

now I just need to take the spider from the other thread, and use it mixed with this :slight_smile:
but I am having issues getting actions to play correctly, hence the workaround

I was thinking you could animate physically with torque with this as well, but have not had success, have you grabed my skeletal IK rigman? I have him running on a armature, and want to add this as well, so he will walk like a robot :slight_smile: