Learning Anatomy and Blender

Hi guys,
I am learning Blender as i am interesting in making my own shorts. So i decided to start with studying Human Anatomy and forms by sculpting busts, muscles and bone structure to get a better understanding of both, blender and the human anatomy.
Here’s a turn around video



Muscles on top of the Skeleton Sculpt


Working on the skull and face for now.
I look forward to hearing what you guys think. Comments and Critiques welcome.


freaky. ‘skin’ modifier is useful for finger and toe

But be careful with skin modifier, it can crash blender.

Anyways, I suggest looking up “Andrew Loomis Proportions” on google. His book on figure drawing is chock-full of anatomy stuff and just plain good practice for art. The proportion guide is particularly useful. The books can be found for free, legally, online. Drawing is a good way of practicing anatomy and proportions, too. To learn anatomy for art, you have to look at a lot of references and note all the special details. Real photos are better than drawings or muscle charts for learning human surface anatomy.

If you want to animate the mesh, make sure to keep the topology and edge flow clean and even. There are good topology tutorials on Blender Cookie, as well as a sculpting a male bust tutorial.

Anyways, the leg muscles look good, and they are the hardest to get right, so good job.

Haha. Thanks.
Yeah, used it for creating the base mesh of the turnaround. Wasn’t concentrating on the fingers and toe in this one. Head, Hands and Feet are beasts by themselves, i feel.