Learning Blender

Hi Guys,
I am learning blender( going through blender user guide )and i got some problems :

  1. What is the concept of bounding box in blender ( i have read it some where that bounding box is actually used for collision detection ).I found the bounding box being mentioned in:
    (a)In the Draw type there appera a menu called bounding box .( other entries are understandable can anyone advice what happen if u select this menu)
    (b)In the pivot there appear a bounding box center (use of this ??)
  2. when translating the object using the GKey pressing any x,y,or z key u are able to translate along the global axis . If the same key is pressed again u translate on local axis.
    ( I have problem in understanding global and local axis . Can anyone advice please )

thanking in advance.

1a) Bounding describes the physical boundary of the object, you can select from Box, Sphere, Cone etc… It is used in the GameEngine for collision Detection.

1b) The Object and its Mesh may not be symetrically alligned so Bounding Box is a useful median point.

  1. The Scene and any object each have their own axis. That of the Scene is Global Space and that of the Object is Local Space.


Thanks for your information! I think that I’ll get this now. :slight_smile: