Learning cycles

Hello everyone, I’m sort of new to cycles, and I was trying to make my first render on it(actually I did other renders on it bu they where very simple), I came from Octane because I really hate the way they treat their constumers there but the things don’t change a lot from one to another.

But I had some problems while rendering it and the light setup of my scene sucks, other than that my glass materials don’t look transparent and my glossy ones have black artifacts, what should I do?


Some render settings would be helpfull. The thing i can think of now is at lightpath settings to increase the transparency
Also i think the angle of the camera is kinda weird :wink:

Thanks Thijs, I kind of made that angle because the room is too small, I made it for a friend since I’m new with cycles and I didn’t charge her for the job.

But I get confused mostly with the light setup, it’s not that don’t look realistic, it’s more like, I suck on make a good lightning for the scene, I wish to know how to make it look more artistic and bright.

firstly, you have to think realisticallly, your lighting may look bad in some areas because it does not make sense. Eg, why are the room lights on at midday.
But overall its very well done, the only problem i have is the fridge, try changing the colour, adjusting the roughness. Also if you havent already, make PBR materials. Andrew Price has a realy good tutorial.
Alternitavely: download these: http://3dwolf.weebly.com/materials.html
They are really helpful for understanding the fundementals of real materials. I reccomend using the car paint one for the fridge.

BTW: i also am new to cycles, and I would really appreciate some critique on my attempted Photorealistic XBOX one.
Here is the thread: https://blenderartists.org/forum/showthread.php?407535-An-Xbox-one

Thanks yosuf, I did what you asked me too, I hope it helps