Learning HOps and box cutter by making a Browning m2 50cal

Not sure how many verts, I can check after work, but I am guessing many :sweat_smile:

No real plans for this, just trying to make it as detailed as possible and enjoying the process :slightly_smiling_face:

Roughly 93k verts

Slight progress on the tripod

Just renderings from more angles (and focal depths), no progress

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Slight progress on the tripod

Add the final, externally visible part - the Traverse and Elevation mechanism.

Next step will probably be the internal parts that will be visible when opening cover assembly (e.g. when you load the weapon)

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Started adding more details to the inside (tweaked trunnion block + front and rear cartridge stops)

UV-unwrapping this is not going to be fun :sweat_smile:

You can never have enough references…

Edit: The screen shot above is from PureRef, which I highly recommend. It’s amazing and it’s free :slight_smile:

I’ve started to procrastinate quite a bit and made a turntable animation instead of modeling the final, internal pieces (that would be visible in a loading animation) :sweat_smile:

UV unwrapped this thing. Took me ages since I’ve never really unwrapped something this advanced/detailed before - now I just need to figure out how to texture it…

why not add several material to different parts then do a UV unwrap with proper seams

happy bl

I’m thinking that I might give Quixel Mixer a try, and I thought (incorrectly) that it only supported a single material

could use texture painting with one unwrap
see Jayanam tut for that

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My first attempt at texturing something with Quixel Mixer

Wow! The 50 cal is stunning! Appreciate the info on Quixel Mixer and Pure Ref. Never heard of those before. But getting back to the model, she’s a beauty!!

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Thanks! It’s been a fun project, getting into the nitty gritty details :smiley:

I’ve barely scratched the surface of Quixel Mixer, but seeing what others can do with it makes me really want to learn it, and I really love that it is free :smiley:

Pure Ref is amazing, I cannot recommend it enough, it makes it so much easier to work with a ton of references images!