Learning HOps and box cutter by making a Browning m2 50cal

Edit: Latest version:


good beginning

i did one but not that high res!

there seem to be some rivets missing all around
and other parts missing

do you have references link for this model ?

keep up the good work

happy bl

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keep at it! Im rooting for ya!

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Since my computer can definitely handle it and I am using this to learn HOps and BoxCutter I thought I might as well go all-in on the details :slight_smile:

I’ve barely started so there’s a bunch of stuff missing still :slight_smile:

I use a ridiculous amount of references, image googling like a maniac, looking at parts catalogs and maintenance manuals. The catalogs and manuals are great for learning the names of the various parts, which makes it easier to google more references for the specific parts as well

Thanks, I’ll do my best! :smiley:

Wow, didn’t expect you to see this - my already high motivation to continue this project has now increased some more :grinning:

I hope to be as proficient with HOps and BoxCutter as you one day!

Added some rivets, holes and cutouts to the left-side receiver plate…thingy…

Added a ground plane and tweak the ammo belt a bit

Adding some more details to the cover assembly and the ammo feed thingy

Some details are more visible than others…

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Fixed the hovering front sight :grin:

Realizing that I shouldn’t have started adding materials so early in the modeling process, as tweaking procedural materials takes (me) so much, increases rendering time, and in the end a clay render looks better anyway, or is at least better at showing the actual details of the model :sweat_smile:

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Looking good.

I could never get into HardOps myself, it is very good value for money compared to other add-ons but has a dizzying amount of functions. :sweat_smile:

Yeah, it is definitely a lot to learn - that’s why I chose to make this model so detailed, but I must confess that I quite often tend to fall back to doing things vanilla blender style (old habits) instead of utilizing the awesome features of HOps/BoxCutter :sweat_smile:

Added some more details to the right side of receiver, but most of the time was spent looking for good references of interior parts

getting nicer
that would go well with this thread !

what are you using for texturing ?

happy bl

Wow, that was an interesting thread! Really puts me to shame with that amount of details :grin:

All my textures are procedural, mostly various noise nodes mixed together and using the bevel node “trick” for edge wear

you can always use some Texture painting with some image
to brush some patterns on different parts with PBR node

keep going

happy bl

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keep on keeping on bud! Your effort is admirable. You mean business.

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Jebus, these circular holes on a curved surface were a pain in the arse to get decent, took me many hours and restarts, but I am happy with the end result :slight_smile:

This part - the one with the holes (the painful ones) - is called a barrel support if anyone cares. I think I know more about the parts of the this machine gun than I do about most things I own by now :sweat_smile:

Added some more details to the backplate that probably won’t even be visible in 99% of renders :sweat_smile:

Starting to work my way towards the tripod, soon this thing will finally stand on the ground instead of hovering :slight_smile:

nice work
how many verts ?

planning to use this prop on some bigger scene ?

happy bl