Learning how to use BPY, BMesh, and others [unsolved & abandoned]


I want to find videos to learn more about how BPY, BMesh, and other API are used in Blender, but I couldn’t find many videos. A bit about myself is that I preferred to use videos to learn how arguments and
others are used and it can serve an excellent example for me to gain a better understanding of how coding works. I would like to learn how to code and make a script. I already know the basics of BPY but I need more information and knowledge, so I can make fast progress.

I have a good basis for understanding Python.

If you know any videos that can teach me a lot more. The level can be from beginner to advanced. Please post it here and I would appreciate it very much.

I’ll look forward to what I’ll learn from here…

Blender Cloud has a scripting course for artists that may be up your alley.

Thank you, I’ll check it out.


Keep it coming. the more, the helpful it will be.

Please guys,If you know a few good videos that can teach me everything I want to know about Python API or Blender API… You can post it. I would appreciate it very much. I do not have much stuff to do in my house since Covid-19 outbreaking.

Do anyone know good books that I can use to learn how to use Blender API and Python API?

It look like there is no one who want to share videos for learning. That’s very disappointing.

Crying down

I’ve given up. I cannot find a good book or videos to learn more about the programming with Blender API or Python API

I can totally understand what you feel. I feel the same too all the tutorials are a bit advanced to anyone who knows just Python or worse. I my self am a beginner, my modelling skills are okish but I dont have anything amazing. Iv tried to learn Blender Scripting quite a few times but I Quit too. But now I decided to take a new approach. Start simple like adding objects, adding modifiers, materials. Actually I dont know to add materials perfectly yet. But I dont want to stop Trying. Id be glad to have you on my side in the learning journey. There surely are things we can help each other with. Heres something for you Resourcecs for Blender Python Scripting - EverythingRaptor [BEGINEERS-ADVANCED] Hope to hear from you soon. Stay safe.