Learning Method (with blender)

Let me know if I’m crazy or not, it’s 2am and I’ve had 4 cups of coffee.

I’ve been thinking the last few months about accelerated learning, because I’m tired of books and things with all these useless words like at, the, and, is…etc…
People used to communicate with glypics and images…and everyone poseses the euclidian plane of knowlege (basic most perfect logic re: shapes (circle, square, triangle) basic arithemetic (+,-,/,x))

Like on that movie Contact, would it be possible using Blender as tool, to take a topic such as computer networking, and compress a whole less of data and information into an animation or graphical representation.

If we could take the hierarchial thought process out of the standard learning methods (because it requires people to have to conciously organize their thoughts ), and arrange it so that the pure information can be shaped by their own logic yet still mean the same thing.

We could learn more faster, and give us blenderheads something to else to do!

Let me know what ya think.

wow thats one gell of a philosiphy for 2am =P. Well my thoughts are that in the near future, many tutorials will be those video ones that you see around every once in a while. they say a picture speaks 1000 words so how many does a video =D

I rekon that actually showing sum1 while explaining it is better then any books or reading. It might do the same thing but if sume elderly lady for exaple didn’t know how to insert a CD-ROM into a tower what would be easier.

-Her readin this…“open the disk drive parralel with the floor of the current tower in question by pressing the eject button next to the volume slider, place the disk in the placing and press the ejct button for disk reentry”

  • showing her by Pressing eject, putting the disk in and closing it.

i rekon in the future it will be much easier to communicate by magazines being disks with video reviews for games for exaple.

well i was just adding my thoughts to acasto’s.

and that mocie contact was prett cool too =D

I’m thinking more along the lines of VR headsets or rooms with projectors.

Has anyone ever seen that movie “Disturbing Behavior”?
It’s would be like subconciously programming someone (sort of like the Matrix), so that they wouldn’t have to comprehend, they would just absorb the information, then logic would comprehend with the input/output on the fly.

The standard thought process when learning basically is.
1.) observe the material
2.) try to understand what it is by comprehending in your head
3.) a few logic loops (probably confusion)
4.)try to apply
5.) back to step one

How many times in shcool have you seen someone confused, then someone shows them a specific way, then their like, ''oh…i get it now!!!"

ahhh i see, advanced teaching methods, like meditation for teaching or sumthin. gotcha

I think you’re nuts.

with flying a plane and driving a car that learning method would work. but blender is a creative hobbie so i think its best to learn the hard way cos u figure out stuff nobodys thought of before.

brain jacks, or using retina as an interface to the brain.


uve been watching arrnies 6th day havent u not a bad film but i prefer total recal

Na, the only movie I saw really like this was the Matrix. I just thought of it when I was looking at some code. Just from examining the code (with maybe a 10 minute intro into definitions of things like functions and modules) you can logically deduce what things do.

I think you can learn more by actually seeing the whole system in work and observing what it does, instead of reading it piece at a time, then trying to put it back together in your head.