Learning more 3d stuff

I’ve wanted to get into Blender for a long time, but have never really had the chance (I’ve only ever done little things, never anything great). Well, I have a more of free time now, so I figured I’d do more 3D.
Right now I’m going to work on modeling skill. Once I get more of that (may be a while, hehe) I’ll work on texturing/uv mapping, and then I’ll go on to lighting.
I figured I’d put this in WIP, since I’ll keep updating it with new stuff I’m learning

Anyhoo, I started on this tonight… here’s the 1st thing I did …


This was ~10 mins. modelling, 5 1/2 mins. render… modelling would have gone faster but I had to keep changing the design of the link and repositioning all the links (still didn’t get it right, IMO).

C&C welcome, always (I bet i need it too, I can already see something I don’t like!)

Not much to crittique…when you say it took you 10 minutes to model, you mean as in Ctrl-D? Or are you using a curve follow?
May I suggest something?: why not play with the materials, lighting…so you get to know all that stuff…

Right now, I used ctrl-d (or was it shift-d? ah, it’s too late to remember little things…). Anyways, I don’t know how to do that curve-follow-thingy just yet.

And that’s kind of what i was planning on… I as going to make a bunch of models so i get better at that, and then go back later on and texture them and do better lighting (as you can probably tell, i used AO and one spotlight…)
I could always have a change of plans and do that now, though… actually, tomorrow… i’m sleepysleepysleepy…