Learning python pls help

Where I can learn python coding :)…
Pls send me link…Thanks for reading :slight_smile:

google.com has lots of information, just type ‘learning python’ into the little text box and click ‘search’ – gives 2,310,000 results so looks like a good start.

If that fails you the python website has a tutorial and complete language reference.

Or you could even search this site since that question has been asked (and answered) multiple times.

Just so happens one of my pet peeves is when you can take the thread title, plug into google and find exactly what they want.

I made a book for the absolute begineer here


Thanks for help :slight_smile:

Hey that’s a great resource, I’ve gone through plenty of these sorts of things and find that i probably dont do python often enough and constantly need refreshers, this looks like it will be one of my favourite refreshments - thanks! :slight_smile:

Thanks guys, I was planning to make a Part II which would dive into addon creation but I find the process boring and I took a long break from it , there is however excellent documentation out there like this


Who knows maybe one day I will resume it.

again that’s awesome! Thanks!

I think this is a pretty good site for code snippets too… http://blenderscripting.blogspot.co.uk/