Learning Python

Anyone know of a really good place I can go to start learning Python? I’ve never dabbled in it yet so a beginner’s tutorial to start would be great.

I’m far from an expert,but if you’re on your own and not experienced with programming (like me) you might like “Beginning Python: Novice to Programmer” by Magnus Lie Hetland. It’s an awesomely well written and thought-out book, making programming concepts clearer even as it shows you the basics of Python. I’ve bounced off other programing languages in he past, not because I couldn’t understand the grammar of the language, which is trivial, but because I couldn’t understand how programmers reduce problems to such basic steps that they can be written in code. Hetland actually describes that sort of thing, which makes “thinking like a programmer” actually seem distantly possible for me.

http://www.awaretek.com/python/index.html - ultimate source.


That’s what I’m currently following.

http://wiki.blenderpython.org/ is a good resource. See also http://mediawiki.blender.org/index.php/BSoD/Introduction_to_Python_Scripting.


And once you know what your doing a bit:

Global module index
pyOpenGL module index
pyQt module index
Blenders python API module index