Learning Rendering

I have started to create own lighting projects (thanks to blenderkit to facilitate this). I don’t create materials and 3d model mostly. Please can anyone tell me how my latest render looks like?

Nice mix of lighting effect styles.

But I think your question needs to be targeted a little more. “What’s the goal?”
Is it for animation? Or stylistic art? Or conceptiual architect presentations with interior/exterior scenes? Or landscapes with full GI?

If it’s animation, I think its well in the ballpark
If its architect conceptualization, again, in the ballpark
If you’re chasing art - I think its good as is. But of course, might gain from more detail.

But if you’re going for realistic interior scenes, you need more illumination,
And likely more sampling.

As to the exterior scene on the beach, you could probably get better effect from HDRI background lighting. As the shadows are too hard.

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First of all thanks for taking out the time. I really appreciate it when someone stops by to help me out.

Going ahead, I am mostly interested in the lighting of archviz concepts be it interior/exterior and landscapes. So, this was just experimentation of lighting with small scenes as my system is not that good in handling large scenes and looking at reference images to learn more and more if I get my hands on something then how I can create it and get feedback here to understand where I can make improvements in terms of communicating through lighting and doing improvements.
yes, I think in the second night scene of bench and coffee, the render looks noisy. I was heading for HDRI but in one tutorial (which I don’t remember exactly) the guy mentioned that start getting used to normal lighting first and then get hands-on HDRIs. It sounds weird but I find it hard to play with HDRI haha.

Good to go.

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