learning retopolgy(i figured it out, never mind? close thread

I was wondering what am I doing wrong? I cant seem to get my vertices to snap . so I put in this file a plane and a cube. I was wondering maybe somebody can see what I am doing wrong? I have the snap button selected and face, anything else? also, for unwrapping a uv, would it be better to unwrap from view, this way you can separate the islands and get them all in the iv editor and scale them down? I always seem to have small islands and I guess you want at least stretching on uv so, wondering maybe have a plank separated then scale down if project from view makes them larger then compared to unfolding mark seams.
I have one uv of a plank below, and the other uv is from Jonathon Williamson tutorial on the cement block. so I am trying to get my plank this big in islands to scale down instead of stretching it across to make it bigger.
also, if anyone know of any good tutorials on the grease pencil. I would like to see how the bsurface is being used. I am not sure if i should be using the grease pencil on the T panel or N panel, I tried both and add surface and nothing happened.