Learning to walk

I’ve decided to start a thread on my walk cycle progress after some issues with “gate stutter.”

As always be kind, if you have any comments or ideas.
Will add questions as they come up.

Thank you.

Walk Cycle #1
Walk Cycle #2
Walk Cycle #3

Second one looks real cool … like he’s got a tune in his head and a bounce in his step. :RocknRoll:

Lookin forward to the updates!

yeah it turned out to be a happy accident so kept with it :slight_smile:
We could only ponder what the song is. rubs chin

I’ve included a comparison between my block/smoothing renders. A new question too!
No where near complete.

It looks nice so far. Gotta love the antenna movement :slight_smile:

New update, finally finished too!
Even went through and solved the stutter issue!

Will post how later this evening if anyone is interested.


I think this is a good stopping point for making walk cycles.
My gate stutter is gone and I’ve managed to keep the character alive so to speak.

On to other stuff once #3 is complete. see above


*the antenna bothers me a bit, so that will change :slight_smile: *

If there is interest on a paper of sorts then I’ll whip something up :slight_smile:
whomever wants techniques from a beginner of sorts, lol

I smoothed out everything and decided to keep the antenna movement as is. Tis’ all complete, and I thank all of you for your kind words and encouragement.

No more cycles, time to do other stuff!


Bows rewarded with standing ovation.

Very cool. Even though youv’e moved on, had to say,
1= Looks like hes carrying something, ( give him arms and a parcel )
2= Not a care in the world.
3= Spot on.

eh, might make him lift something later :slight_smile:
I like the idea though *thumbs up, steals it :ba: