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See Fligh? It’s all falling apart already.

Wo! Somebody should check out that Lincoln hasn’t left his Memorial too!
I know that you are persuaded that I like you only for your pick-up but, although that is most of it :P, I’ll really miss you.
Don’t become a stranger.


We’ll all miss you Fligh. You’ve been an inspiration!


I guess we’ll have to do double duty in the help forums until you get back. They ought to give you an award or something for all the help you provide. Have a good vacation, man.

That’s just great, Fligh. Leave us with these crazy moderators to tear the place apart.

[insert a summary of what everyone else said here] and don’t forget to pay us a visit every once in a while…you know, to check who’s alive and who’s not :stuck_out_tongue:

Have fun! Sorry I’ve been taking my time with that stuff, should get on to it soon.

when (and if) I’ll be back

Well I don’t like the sound of that qualifier … what would we do without your pithy sage answers to our questions?

Have fun … but not too much fun … :slight_smile:

yeah, what’s with the “if” part? You’ve still got lots of trees to cut down up there. And of course if you are coming down thru Atlanta, any part of the day, CALL ME and I’ll buy you and the missus a sweet tea.

Or drop by GT and go take some exams (Abstract Linear Algebra/Analytical Calculus = sweet tea :p)).

Seeya Fligh, you’ve been an excellent help to me straight from the beginning. I appreciate it.

seeya, 1337-5L1C3

Good luck!!

Un abrazo :rolleyes:

Haha, yeah Fligh don’t leave us.

I think that the time has to come when people move on when personal circumstances change. You’ve been a great member of BlenderArtists, I hope you’ll be able to drop in now and again but if not, good luck and thanks for the help you’ve given us all over the years. :slight_smile:

Best of luck Fligh, efforts like yours are what help make this community awesome!

Fligh, better later than never :slight_smile: I PM my stuff for you. See you mate and thanks for everything you did !

cya dude :smiley:
best of luck…

Thanks for all your replies, it’s a good dose of feelgood for me. No, it’s not a vacation or an internet love affair. We inherited a house from a good friend who died recently (the reason I was ‘away’ recently) and it’s in pretty bad shape. I have three months in which to fix it and will be doing most of the work myself. We’s shacking up with Mother-in-law while we’re here and I don’t feel comfortable hogging her 3kb/min win 98 computer so I’ll just be lurking when I have the opportunity late at night.

When the house is done we’re headed to West Virginia to build a new house up in the mountains and may or may not have internet access from there (read theeth’s signature). So I’d rather just make way for others to do a dedicated job than do a half-baked job of it myself. There are some loose ends I’d like to tie up in the next few days though.

Caronte, un abrazo tambien. Tengo la misma sentimientos lo que sentido quando Nicodigital se acabado.


Sounds like you’ve got enough to keep you busy for a while. Thanks for all your help over the years in here!

Rehabilitating houses now ? LOL I bought my century old house to rehab a couple of years ago . And after the first year when I replaced the furnace (in which I had to drill though a masonry wall in my basement - not a fun exercise), fixed the little mouse problem and finally adding some lighting in the basement by myself I found myself discovering Blender the next year … and now the rehab thing is on hold for now :spin: at least not too many things are falling apart so far … a victim of too many This Old House episodes … But I’m sure you’ll make quick work on your house .

West Virginia ? Beautiful country there . Maybe you can go fossil hunting in them there hills … But I almost died on the mountainous roads one Winter though driving from NYC back home … I skidded on an icy patch in the middle of a bridge, made a couple of loops with my car and finally managed to come to a stop . When I got out to check for damage, I was six inches from the railing next to a drop off several hundred feet … And the funny thing was I went to NYC to retrieve a TV set I had left there with my ex-roommate because the one I had at the time died … and then in Ohio the rock I hit in Pennsylvania finally blew out my tire, so I had to walk a mile in the snow and sleet to get to a phone to summon a “hill person” with a used tire for $40 and got to leave just as a fine Ohio State Patrolman showed up and cited the tire guy for having an expired license plate … This at four in the morning Sunday and I actually made it to work … Oh to be young and stupid and poor again …
But I’m sure you could get access to the net even there … Heck AT&T is offering DSL for $14.95 per month (and not at a teaser rate either) … Unless your home is going to be built out in “Deliverance” country … :stuck_out_tongue:

Well, if we don’t hear from you for whatever reason thank you for all your help . And hope you have a good Holiday season … At least you won’t be as cold as I am up here :slight_smile: