Ledge climb [WITHOUT PYTHON]

:D:D:D:DLedge Climb Without Using Python:D:D:D:D

Hey guys I’ve found way to make character climb ledges without using python script
It’s not so clean i know but still … it works fine;)
Actually i too don’t know how to write a script:o
It is for those who don’t like scripting and prefer logic bricks instead and its quite easy
have a look:eek:


ledge_climb.blend (734 KB)

Now you can download The example file:D:eek::yes:
I’ll upload tutorial too very soon
Till then try to understand from this file:spin:
Sorry about the animations and model are not so good :o
ignore this attachment it’s same as above


ledge_climb.blend (734 KB)

how it works???

  1. control box of my object has an empty as a child on it’s top which sends a ray in a short distance and senses if there is ledge in front of player [[actually ledge is an object which is a flat cuboid over real obstacle with property ledge]]
  2. then it send message to control box
  3. on receiving it control box switch its state
  4. in the new state it’s dynamics are suspended and it offers motion on z direction [0.1]
  5. after a short delay say 45 it offers forward motion on y [-0.1] axis and also negative motion on z axis [-0.1] to null the upward motion
  6. then after some more delay say 55 it switches back to state 1 ,restore dynamics and also offers a backward motion to null forward motion
  7. armature plays climbing action simultaneously

Nice work,

It needs a “I am on a edge” animation, rather then fall, if he has raycast not hit anything for fall animation,

but LinV.Z<X -> play “ledge” animation

I can’t understand can you please elaborate it
and it doesn’t uses linear velocity but location

So ray down -> not hitting map = falling

but if own.localLinearVelocity.z < (falling threshold) = standing hanging over ledge but not falling

So even if -z ray hits nothing in (armature state 2) if your not moving on Z axis don’t play animation


ledge_climb (bpr).blend (711 KB)


thank you so much buddy
but i will try to make it without python

i was facing that problem so i turned collision bounds to capsule so that after coming in fall animation it will slip after a short while:D

Why do you wanna do it without python? It offers way more freedom and allows for more complex systems. You should definetly learn it, it’s really not that hard :slight_smile:
I try to never use the logic bricks, they are messy and don’t do things the way I want them to, and with python scripting you can do almost anything :slight_smile: