Ledge hanging using dynamic characters.

I want to make a control scheme similar in control to the tomb raider legend series and I was wondering if someone could explain to me how to create ledges that you jump and grab.

I know that you need to create a state for hanging from the edge and that you use a volume with a material to activate the state. all I really need to know is how I can dynamically turn of and on gravity depending on state. the set up could be as so:

state 1, in air, gravity = -9.8. If touch [GrabLedge] then state 2

state 2, hanging, gravity = 0. if pressed space then state 1

I know there will be tweaking (such as making sure when you choose to drop that you don’t just grab the ledge again straight away) but all i really need to know is how to turn on and off gravity at will.

Thanks for the help or if anyone knows another way of doing it I would love to hear it.


I don’t know the solution to your problem, but I do know that Yo Frankie! has ledge grabbing, so you could check how they do it and do likewise.

Use the edit object actuator to suspend and restore an objects dynamics while



Thank you! That looks like it will do the trick! I’ll throw together a test when I get home and see if it works.

I always forget about the edit object actuator

…or you could just use a motion actuator set to Force: 0, 0, 9.8 (not local)

Suspend Dynamics? Awesome! (Guess who’s been too busy to follow recent GE developments?) :slight_smile: