Left Mouse Button on Blender 2.53

Right, so I’ve finally taken my time to get the latest blender version, I expect there to be new things going on which is okay. But it appears that they have changed how the left mousebutton(LMB) works :frowning: on all the other versions left mouse button used to be look around, move the whole view if I held shift + LMB, and zoom in with ctrl + LMB, but now they’ve changed all that to middle mouse buttion (MMB) and LMB is now only there for marking the pivot. Is there any way to make the LMB the way it was like before? because I find it extremely annoying to use MMB instead of LMB.

Thanks in advance.

I don’t remember Left to ever rotate the view by default.
But anyway, go to the preferences and search for “Emulate three button mouse”

gah I dont really remember how it worked >_< but I just know that however it is now is not how it was before. but thank you!