Leg mesh rotates while in rigging/skinning process

Hello Blender team,
I am rigging a quadruped and stuck with a weird problem. Please have a look at image.

I got this weird rotation in legs/mesh.
All controllers are in their original position, I did checked all controller twice.

Please tell me if you have any thoughts on this :slight_smile:

Thanks in advance.

Well I’m not Blender team, but if you attached your .blend I could take a look. RIght now I have too many questions. Is this in rest mode. Are there any shape keys. Was it always like that or after you applied the armature modifier, or what. etc etc etc

@buzzkirill ,Hello,
Yeh sure, Please have a look at file

but it’s not a full file, I just delete the back body as this file belongs to the client so can’t share the full mesh, sorry about that. but you can get the idea from legs.
let me know if that works. :slight_smile:
Thank so much.

Hi, i don’t know if this will help but i identified the two bones that creates this bend and when i subtracted the weights the legs mesh got strait again. see image:

What you can do is select these bones in pose mode go to pose and apply pose as reset pose, that should fix it.

Just tried the apply pose as rest pose thing - doesn’t quite solve it because the rest pose ends up being different.
I think the problem may be bigger, maybe you need to re-generate the whole rig. You seem to be using IK, but it doesn’t work right (moving IK platforms deform legs in a weird way). I honestly suggest fixing the skeleton first, and re-generating.

Thanks for reply @difitvisions
buzzkirill is right. its not working as expected. it moves even if i try to apply pose as rest poses"as you suggested"

@buzzkirill I tried to
01.remove weights from that joints.
02.Recreate the rig with the same meta rig.
03.Assigning weights from that defective joints.
but that didn’t work for me.

Try completely unparenting every tweak bone (the small spheres) in Edit mode. I did that and it “fixes” the problem (the weird rotations on the mesh disappear), but now of course your tweak bones probably won’t work properly. If you delete them completely and re-skin the mesh to the rig, it should work, but obviously now without tweak bones.

ops that may be an issue for animators. All Right will check that until we got a real solution.