Leg soft IK issue

Hi there
I’ve been working on implementing a soft IK setup on an existing rig generated on a makehuman character.
The setup is directly inspired by BAssam’s setup, made possible by his fantastic work on the new depsgraph :
Article and video
The system seems very simple when Bassam explains it but I have been losing grasps of hair making it work on my model:o. I must confess that rigging remains somehow obscure to me when it gets too complex.
The general setup seems OK but I can’t make the leg stand in a straight position and the leg remains bent no matter what. Here’s the link to my blend file. I’ve only made the setup on the left leg.
Has anyone been experimenting this or can give me an advice on how to make it work properly?

By the way, if there’s a coder in tha place who wants to make it an addon…be blessed forever:D.


Both of the Rigify versions have “soft” IK. (Original version will work this way if you give it a very small stretch value.)

You can add a sample to your armature with these buttons:

  1. In edit mode of your armature, select the rig type you want, add sample, move into proper place, parent to appropriate bones. (A leg will be parented to the hip, no other parenting required. Check the metarigs for proper parenting conventions.)

  2. Name your bones appropriately for left and right. (.R, .L)

The Auto Stretch parameter is located in the N-Panel if you have the IK leg layer visible, and the foot controller selected. You can also determine a stretch length.

Good luck!

Yeah, thanks Dan. Indeed the rigify setup has this already, and BTW the pitchipoy one is great BUT (grrr) I cannot afford to change my whole rig. I have already been working with that one for a while now and I have a quite largebank of animations I want to continue to use.
I’d rather avoid renaming all the bones of my different actions and walk cycles. The idea was more to upgrade the existing rig with Bassam’s improvements…If I manage to :wink:
However, thanks for the reply, it’s much appreciated.