After my Leopard my next target was a tiger. I plan a nature image with the tiger but at first I wanted an image like this with a message.

link: http://img194.imageshack.us/img194/310/legacyfinal1920.jpg

An other version with darker mood. Thanks for allexr’s help for this version!

link: http://img7.imageshack.us/img7/5595/legacyfinal14.jpg

blender 2.63/blender internal + color corrections with gimp


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wow… that is utterly amazing. nice job on the tiger, looks perfect.

Wow! I love how you incorporated the message. Its nice and subtle while still being really powerful. Great work!

I’m sorry, but did people miss this?

o_O thats awesome! 5* from me…loving the high res render!!!

Great job on the model, but it’s back leg looks a bit awkward.

Just amazing, with very nice message.

Nice, that’s a realistic tiger!
Offtopic: how do you get the 5 stars next to the forum topic?

people have to vote.

Amazing work, 5 stars! and the best, has an important message,congrats man!

This is amazing how did you pull of the particles on the ground Wireframe please :D!

Amazing, 5 stars from me, congratulations!

Fantastic! The fur is basically perfect. 5 stars indeed.

Man that tiger looks good, even though some stripes looks like they were painted over :wink:

whatever would be the critiques
but the message says it all :slight_smile:

wow love this work awesome…

Awesome! realy great message, and a beautiful model.

very nice general mood. I perefer the darker one XD

i agree with the guy saying the back leg is a little awkward. Did you get any image of a tiger in a similar position?

Besides this: love it!

EDIT: oh! forrgot it! - wouldn’t it be nice to make the tiger partially transparent? Just enough for someone to notice it after a few seconds. Maybe I’m going too far by suggesting things but the message is very strong and I felt like wanting to help with it.

Sorry and thanks for this good work!

WOW!!! Great job, I love it!