Legalities of working on a project together.

when you work with people you meet online, on a project such as a game, do you have everyone sign an agreement?

LIke they will only use their work or free to use works, etc etc.


It is safest to have a contract that clearly defines rights etc.


Well you can’t have them “sign” anything (in a physical sense), because you’re dealing with people on the net.

However, you can start your game project with predefined conditions that will relate to resources used, responsibilities shared and so on. So then whenever someone joins your project, they are subject to those conditions.

If someone refuses to abide by those conditions, you and the rest of the team can just boot them, and they won’t be able to do squat about it, because the preconditions were clearly defined and documented in the beginning.

The bottom line is: You need to find people that share your vision and methodology, because those people are usually the ones you can trust in the first place.

It’s all a matter of trust…

In my place, the works made it with varius persons, if isnt under concract, the authors are all make it. For make something with the final work, its necesary the total union of the authors in the decision. Unless, like social said, put an license or conditions at start of the project. If the project is GPL, isnt any problem. If its some comercial game, you could put percentages for the people, or a salary.

Thanks again… you know I just never thought about any of this stuff…

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