Legend of Zelda - OOT Hyrule

Heres a video of the things Ive made in Blender so far. They aren’t finished though.


Sacred Realm Version 1:

Inside the Temple of Time Version 1:


Sky View of Hyrule
Version 2:
I added alot more things, and detail.


I like doing Night version of things.

Version 1:
Well this took me a couple of hours, still needs alot of work. Its a sky view of Hyrule Castletown market, from Ocarina of Time. I havent put the castle in the back yet, but I’ll get to it. This is my 3rd day of using blender, so I’m really new to all this.


So what do you think?

I think I need to make the Gate bigger.

Wow, nearly exactly the way I remember it. Yeah, I think that the gate needs to be bigger, but maybe if you moved the camera down there and look up at it it may be good enough.

This is really cool :eek:!

Good use of basic building blocks there. And welcome to blender

Hey, not bad for your 3rd day!
Maybe some better textures would be good.

I posted pictures of Version 2! It looks so much better now don’t you thinK?

Yes, much better. Keep going.

I got tired of working on the Sky View of Hyrule so I started on the Inside of the Temple of time and it turned out well. Except I’m not finish with it yet.

The textures look like they need some improvement, but otherwise I love the Zelda tribute.

wow, this is nice, are you planning on making the whole thing?

I posted a video.