Lego Bionicle G2 Toa Masks 2015

Some Bionicle masks I modeled weeks ago. They are the 2015 Toa masks and protector masks.
Kinda sad that Bionicle had been cancelled again last year in 2016.
Ekimu’s mask of creation is there as well, but not modeled correctly as his mask was very difficult to model.
Rendered in Cycles Engine.


Nice job! I was just doing some bionicle modeling too. I can tell this was a lot of work!

Thank you. :slight_smile: I recently just got into blender late 2016 after I took a break from blender back in 2015. I noticed that there’s not too many Bionicle 3D projects, so I decided to model and animate Bionicle in Blender. Right now, I’m kinda stuck on what kind of 3D animation I should make for Bionicle.

another one rendered in viewport

this one rendered in wireframe mode

Hi, I’m SilverBlade! it’s nice to meet you :slight_smile:

Would you be willing to make any of these files available for purchase or download?


Here you go! :slight_smile: Download is free and in obj format, so you can import it to any other software.
BIONICLE G2 2015 Toa Masks - Download Free 3D model by MrLee21 (@MrLee21) - Sketchfab

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Sorry about that… But really, I thought I was the only one who loves these things :joy:. I remember making the 2010 sets in Blender a few years ago. In fact, I got really close to modeling all of that year’s line. This brings back so many fond memories…:smile:. Thank you so much for making these!

~ Para

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you’re welcome. :slight_smile:

Here’s a more recent render of the masks.

Oh! Thank you so much!!

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Is there any chance I can get access to those masks?

Can you make this able to be downloadable again. But I’d like it to be stl file please and individual downloads.