Lego Car

(hannibar) #1

A lego car I modelled in blender and rendered in lightflow.

I first builded a large lego library with all the pieces I would need, the I started building the model. Took about two weeks in total (about 1.5 hours work per day).

For SGT Squeaks : Every single piece of Lego is beveled :slight_smile:

I’m still thinking about a good background, but I can’t come up with anything.

Comments and suggestions are welcome.[/img]

(Bapsis) #2

Wow, that looks great!!!
Now all you need is a little Lego-man to drive it, should be easy 'nuff to model.
Anywayz, great job!!!


Blend on, and blend well!!!

(IMProvisar) #3

Well… hot rods are often at the shop being modded and souped up… why not model a couple of the big flat lego peices for a ground, and fill the background with a Lego-built garage?

Excellent work :slight_smile:


(valarking) #4

Ya, there are SO many possibilies.

(S_W) #5

Wow great job! :stuck_out_tongue:
Remembers me to the good old times… :wink:

(Friday13) #6

WHOA :o :o
Great modeling/rendering!

(BMD) #7

Holy Crap! the lighting is perfect, so is everything else…


(Da Bourz) #8

Great job, very nice image !! Nice render too …

(blackphoto) #9

Good stuff! Did you model all those pieces yourself or use Thewriter’s lego script?

(hannibar) #10

Is there a lego script???
I made everything myself…

(Dittohead) #11


(blackphoto) #12

I came across a blender lego script the other day, now I wish I had bookmarked it. How long did it take you to make those pieces anyway?

(hannibar) #13

It took about then days to model all the pieces (I also modelled pieces I didn’t need in this model). Maybe about 15 hours in total.
Then a few hours to build the car (spread over about 5 days)

(stephen2002) #14

you coulda used MLCAD (Mikes Lego CAD). It exports as DXF :wink:

Very nice though, lotsa time to model all of the little pices. Now you can make many lego things :smiley:

(mrmunkily) #15

If i do not sound too presumtuous… could you post yer peices? It would mean good quality .blend format lego peices for all…

how bout it?

(basse) #16

wow!! :o

my older son is now 6, lego’s are so cool… mostly we build houses though… anyways, why I replied was this: my other son is little bit over 1 year old, and he likes destroying everything, especially lego models others build.
so what you could do is model a big hand, and then animate it smashing the car into tiny little pieces… it would bring some realism to this scene :slight_smile:


(S68) #17

/me too would like to have those pieces :slight_smile:

Great job!


(ec2) #18

One of the best modeling job I’ve seen. The lighting is excellent.

That reminds me of my love of building with legos as a kid. My uncle bought a lego set for me, which was advanced for my age. It had those same tires! When a was a few years older I always tried to get my folks to buy the space sets.

(ZoltarX) #19

I was pleased to see your post on, and the positive feedback you got.

Great publicity for Blender!

Well done!


(djfuego) #20

Ahh dem was de days…
Lego ROx
Anyone want to make a bionicle next?