Lego Crane (leoCAD)

I made a crane:) I made it in LeoCAD, then exported as .3ds, then imported in blender. The building was fun, but when I imported it into blender, I realised the interface s*cks compared to blender, lol. Lighting is far from perfect, but this is the best I could get.

Real nice.
I just love lego models, bring backs memories of my childhood:)

Wow… Nice job.
Did you actually build every lego brick? And that’s Blender’s internal renderer?

nope. As I said: I made the model with Leocad.
Here’s a screenshot:

I rendered it with Yafray.

Nice! I used to have legocad, but I never thought to export the models to blender.

Wow nice man making it lego style must of been hard and annoying and the more I look at other people’s work it shows me I need more practice.