Lego creation (not blender)

sorry, but i dont know where else to put this. It was made with Bricksmith, and used POVRAY to render. LGEO and Ldraw libraries were used.

The java applet that is supposed to be able to convert these that was posted here recently doesn’t work. I would love to import it into blender and render it their after some editing.

if you are willing to convert it, please tell me!

this is my own personal creation, and the shot might be bad because POVRAY is hard to get the camera and light exactly were you want - anoter eason i want to import it into blender :slight_smile:

Looks good to me. I think it would have looked better if the shadows had slightly softened edges but no big deal. Thanks for mentioning that it’s not a Blender work, some people forget to do that.

if i could import it into blender/yafray, it would have a better set-up.

The blue window it lookes washed out/ I own legos :stuck_out_tongue: and its supposed to be a darker blue.

it’s actually supposed to be more teal and lighter, but i guess the color in the lego editor thing wasn’t correct. it looked correct in the editor though…

EDIT: there are some other things that didnt export quite right, and some errors from the lego part database i used to model this from. (i.e. rounder blocks than regular legos, non-smooth surfaces, displacement of the smooth things in the back/bottom [was right in the editor])

I first made this model out of real legos, and there are some other small vehicles that go on top of it, but i will add them later.

to create your own, go to and follow the instructions. this stuff is pretty cool :slight_smile:

EDIT2: I am also rendering a HUGE image. (Pixel Dimensions later)

You can make a lamp array in POV:

  light_source {
    <2, 10, -3>
    color White
    area_light <5,0,0>,<0,0,5>,5,5 //position & subdivisions (5x5=25)
    adaptive 1

works quite well :slight_smile: