Lego Ghostbusters ECTO-1 Car

I like Lego a lot, so i decided to do new Lego related project. With all the buzz (including negative stuff) around new movie I decided to give tribute to the original Ghostbusters ECTO-1 Car.

My maine goal was to create a Lego car with realistic look to it and real life size car suspencion.This work took me a week and a half to complete. I used Lego Digital Designer to create model. Then I brought it into Blender. When model comes from LDD to Blender it’s usually broken so I spent a lot of time fixing bricks and giving them very important beveling.

For this work I used some of the things that Heinzelnisse (blendswap user) did for his Bulldozer but I came up with new SSS-based material. I used PBR material with SSS Shader for the Lego peaces. It’s suddle, but I think it’s very important to use SSS when it comes to rendering Lego. Also I rigged the car, as it’s seen in the video (

Cool project, and great rigging. I think it would be worth actually rendering the animation at some point.

Oooo that is so cool! I am glad that more people are using the PBR materials! I am curious why you chose subsurface scattering than translucent. Only curious :slight_smile:

Lego Movie creators used SSS for Lego so I decided to do so as well) I find this out from their interview

Yes, definitely I will render animation

Great job, would comment further on the composition of the material?

Cool, thank you! I guess it would be a bit more intuitive to use SSS because of the flexible thin to thick values that you can get and control.

material is actually not that complex. I took PBR-material by Andrew Price and instead of using Diffuse shader in it, used SSS Shader. I used pretty low scale value for SSS 0.030. But for some parts it’s even lower, because different parts have different quality of plastic. Also different materials required different Radius (aka scattered color) which i picked by eye (I don’t know if there is better way)

Also each material have scratches map, normal map and displacement map for the Lego logo. This idea I picked up from Blendswap user Heinzelnisse and his bulldozer model

Really nice Model and Materials. Great work!

I am jealous of your ghostbusters car, 5 stars from me.

Thank you for the indepth of the materials used! Translucent acts similarly to the SSS but the color is only of that color you make it. I was wondering before because people have used translucent for lego and plastic materials. Though it looked more like rubber than anything.

Again, awesome render!