Lego Halo fangame, 20% done

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Haven’t touched this for like 8 months. The original creator got busy / lost motivation. A BIG chunk of the assets and code are ready, but there’s still another ~50 hours of work before alpha. And then level design…

Here’s a screen of the latest sandbox:

A fancy level I was working on, hidden away on some other hard drive:

Most of the models + animations were made by “legohaloppl”
Some minifig decals borrowed from
Textures borrowed from a Halo 1 modding pack
Codez by this guy < (don’t look, it’s horrible)


Tested on 2.79 (be sure to extract)
Please excuse the horrible performance. Armature skinning is KILLER x[

Future plans
Not sure. Still contemplating existence.


Alright I’m donating this game to charity. Feel free to fork / make your own LEGO game / whatever.
There’s a code cleanup branch but it’s not finished. Maybe I’ll get inspired to resume one day.

Hope someone finds it useful!

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I downloaded game.blend and when I open it shows me a cube and I have no idea how to play the game

:smiley::+1: Hey Nice @pqftgs man has it been a while since ive seen yr work so far so good buddy i really like what you’ve down here will test the build soon as i download it!


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OH MAN! Big nostalgia wave. Those animations were on point… that dude was some kind of magician. Many regrets. Oh well.


  1. Download the zip
  2. Extract the zip (script paths are broken when previewing the zip, so make sure you extract)
  3. Open the extracted Game.blend with blender 2.79
  4. Start the game engine

If you were already doing that, post the console output and I’ll try to help ya out. “It works fine here” ™

@Fred_K.S Thanks! It’s an old game, but it checks out. Feel free to salvage any code.

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Oh thanks gonna try later. And man I was interested in this project since late 2017. I always wanted a lego halo game and it makes me happy seeing this even if it’s not a finished game. Couldnt play before cause of damaged laptop but now I can try it out and I’m happy to see people like you making this happen cause I’m pretty sure many people wanted a lego halo game. So thank you for making it happen

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Yup fixed the problem. I was using 2.80 instead of 2.79 so that’s why I couldnt play. The test level was fun actually. I liked the minifigures and sounds. it felt like a lego game

Though suffering from issues that inspired me to re-write the game (twice, lol) the original demo by @bobjones23456 had a LOT more goodies inside. Not sure if I still have those files and/or permission to distribute them. Maybe he’ll see this :innocent:

Anyway, glad you liked it!

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Random asset: Scorpion tank (blender 2.79, moves with WASD)
tank.blend (1.2 MB)

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Well I now hope he does because I would try that out for sure

In case be doesnt see it what goodies did that demo have cause I’m curious


[ PROS ]
[1] CHARACTERS look good.

[ CONS ]
[1] UI could be WAY better. :wink:
[2] Lack of OBJECTS makes this game (NOT) look like a LEGO game.

Oh yea I’m also wondering, do you have any cutscenes file? If you do, do you mind if you send them cause I’d like to see them.

It would be nice to have a Lego Halo Battle Royal in Blender

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I think there were a couple, they were fairly simple. But I only sought permission to share a few things, and it seems now the artist cannot be reached. Might just be a throwaway account, idk. Suppose it’ll go public domain eventually, might take another ~118 years though… lol

That’d be neat! Or perhaps a perfectly legal “lego-like” game. For buildy-things-on-the-move I remember getting exceptionally frustrated with BGE’s quirky scenegraph update delays, though I think that might’ve got fixed with UPBGE…

Alright lol. If you’re interested to see there is this channel called nathan industries and they’re making a Lego halo CE game that is still under development.

Do you think with the quarantine, you may resume it one day?

Nah, not me. Technically it’s illegal n’ stuff and I no longer feel invincible. Might do a lego-like if the right inspiration comes along.

Thanks for the interest, though! Means a lot.

No problem!