Lego Luke Skywalker

Hi All,

You may have seen my blank/nude Lego Minifigure in Focused Critiques and later in Finished Projects. Well, I decided amidst my boredom to take it a step further. I converted him to the Luke Skywalker from the Jabba’s Sail Barge Lego Set I had as a child. Let me know (aside from the hair) what could be done to help sell it. Post Processing using FilmConvert and basic Curves Adjustment. 333 Samples on GPU Cycles.

EDIT: Don’t mind the asymmetrical eyebrows, I based the face off of my older head. It probably got smudged etc!

Pretty neat.

Have you though about using a different material for the torso decal? I think the paint on Lego pieces has a coarse texture and is slightly raised.