Lego model

It´s quite simple but i think it looks good… %| (i think).
Imported from Ldraw with the import script and rendered with yafray

Looking nice…

…but…not done with Blender? sniff

sniff 2

very nice work! I’m curious where you rendered it.

small tips : add a few reflections, they micht spice things up even more .

Hard to tell from the real thing

I think I’ll stick with real lego though, it’s more fun :wink:

  1. pofo

Sniff? I think not, i mean Blender is the key to make this picture possible, can import from a lot of programs, can export to a great renderer.

The materials were aplied in blender, the illumination…why just limit to blender if you can use blender with wings3D, with terragen…blender is the base to create everything.

Sure this is not the greatest model (although it takes time to put all the pieces together) but what it makes it great is that its make using a wide variety of tools.

Believe me, i love blender, i just post this to show what i think its a finished project: integrate three programs (Ldraw, blender , yafray) :slight_smile:

Don´t think of blender as just a converter from one program to another.

And to Pofo, i’ll stick with the real ones too, you’ve got less bricks, but you have to let your imagination flow and that doesn’t happen when you’ve got all the bricks in the world (strange paradox) :smiley:

So i hope those cries turn into cries for being happy to have Blender.


I had that program when i was a lego addict about a year ago.

Very cool!

Well, you didn’t mention Blender anywhere so I thought that… %|

there is no way to get into yafray without blender (yet)

looks like Legos

Now put it in a better environment :stuck_out_tongue:

yea wheres the lego grass and lego truck stop with lego people :slight_smile:

looks like Legos… very good jobe :stuck_out_tongue:

[>] It’s so nice

:o :o That’s as close to photorealism as I’ve seen from just about any app I think :slight_smile:

This is one for the Yafray gallery :wink:

I’m off to download LDraw heheh

Many thanx to all of you. When i finish my exams i´ll try to make a good scene with a few more models in (takes a lot of time to put the pieces together) and i´ll put one of those smily figs(i want to live in legoland, looks very fun,well looks like they’re all drunk) :slight_smile:

Very sweet :slight_smile:


excellent! looks lovely, but you could make it a bit more reflective.

This guy did a lego truck a few months back…

I think you should put your truck into a similar scene, but also add stuff to it like a few extra legos, or perhaps other toys… AND DIRT!