Lego Yoshi

Hi. Lego Yoshi chilling with 2 Origami dragons on a study table. I focused more on lighting and composition for this scene. Mixing different light colors to get the feel I wanted. Made Yoshi by building up blocks of lego pieces I modelled. I think it makes the render more realistic to have some blocks not well arranged. I used really low depth of field to keep all the focus on Yoshi. The other objects seem to fight for attention otherwise. I wonder how to get rounded bokeh in blender for this render though. :thinking:

AO pass

Mist pass

Wire frame

A Brief video showing setup for this scene.


Made a few Adjustments to the camera settings. This version has more rounded bokeh effects.

I featured you on BlenderNation, have a great weekend!

:slight_smile: Thanks so much @bartv