Lelliana The Bard - Game Character

Hey Blender Artists! This is Lelliana, a DnD Tiefling and my latest project/comission. She is a game-ready character that i had to make from concept while also adding and tweaking when necesary to really bring the character to life in 3D. I hope you like her and as always all CC is welcome!

full project here: https://www.artstation.com/artwork/aYRzqR


Awesome work, really great quality all around.

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I think she is a good design. And i think your model looks good. The thing that is annoying me is the eyes. It’s one solid color in your screen shots.
Is this character supposed to be blind maybe?

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thank you @LG_787

@humanartist Yeah, you’re not alone. loads of ppl have commented on the eyes and asked if she is blind. According to the person who commissioned this, Tieflings have eyes like that, and when asked if i could do a normal eye with some glow they replied no, because… tieflings have eyes like that O_o
What can you do, right?

cool awesome