LeMans...Street Version [2k x 1k image]

Thanks everyone for your comments, great for motivation. Snelleeddy, I’ve always found putting lights into the source being annoying. Directional lights work… but you can’t see them unless: there is an object in its way, reflecting light; or I put a halo spot…which I don’t want.
More grunt work I guess. :eyebrowlift2:

Update: Tires and wheels
Status: Complete

test render

The completed brake and disks


Finished the blocking of the back…detailing will come next
small frontal render to test lighting

comments and crits very welcomed

awesome model, nicely detailed.

could post a wire of that disc brake please and explain your technique :slight_smile:

keep up the awesome work, cant wait to see were this one goes, i think gallery myself :smiley:

Thanks Deniel8488.

I used this reference picture. Basically I took a plane and shaped the foremost part of the caliper,
then extruded back and shaped until I got to the mid point. Then I mirrored it.
The disk is a mix of curved objects and circle meshes.


This is a high resolution test. Testing studio lighting. Also made some changes to the paint material. Render time: 5:04:13.43


Crits welcomed.
link to updates: Photo Real Concept