Made this a while back. Toon styled.


And I thought I was the only one to drink lemonade out of a coffee mug. But, weirdos like us aside, it might look more “lemonadesque” if you went ahead and put it in a glass. And added some ripples around the cube. Currently the ice looks like it is stuck in lemon colored jello.

It just tastes better in a mug, through a straw.

LOL :). I agree :).

Nice image. Now I’m thirsty :).



I like the feel and coloring of this. However, I can’t quite work out why you left all the edges/faces looking non-smooth. Was that deliberate?

Strangely, I never cared much for cartoon drawing when it was analogue - but now that it’s digital I really like it. :smiley:


i agree although i have never had lemonade out of a mug :stuck_out_tongue:

Ooh, now I want lemonade. It is around 95 degrees F. here.

I really like the model. Is the pitcher not smooth on purpose?

yeah, i used to have a pitcher that was like that.

Ok, cool pic, but first of all, a mug on a saucer???

and also whats with the checkered pattern? Is that a horrible bench top or is there just a mug on the floor? If so, the mug looks huge compared to the pattern.

Also, the ice cube could use a bit of roughing up. If it is just a 8-vert cube, subdivide it a couple a times, then random select 50% and smooth them, then just subsurf the cube once and set it smooth.

BTW, i like the checker texture, it has grain rather than just plain black and white

dude, it’s a futuristic countertop from the Jetson’s era. Where drinking lemonade with a mug, thru a straw, on a saucer, is standard.

Lol I was once plagued by nightmares , but i never believed such a future could actually exist!

Well truth be told, i drink lemonade out of Mugs whenever i get the chance!