Well, I am the proud owner of http://www.lemsoft3d.com ! (the dns will be up within 48 hours) I decided to go with bluehost, since they have an amazing package, a good rep, and they’ve been around since 1996! (and it only costs $7/month! :smiley:

Yay! :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:


Maybe a bit spammy but not nearly as bad to deserve a Spam message Cmon plant person Be nice.(that is what this forum is for by the way :wink: )

I consider the 5 posts after each “potentially” spam topic spam. You know what happens to spam threads? If no one replies, theeth deletes them. If people reply, he locks them.

So here is the option I present to you: Just shut up and it’ll sink to the bottom without being locked if it is a genuine spam thread (yes this means that the five people who post after each spam thread to confirm it’s undoubtable spam-ness in a tag-team slap-a-thon are just wasting everyone’s time and elYsiun’s bandwidth).

On my end, I appreciate the thread because this is his personal webpage about Blender, he offers up the .blend files for his games, and he has some video projects he has made with the help of Blender. If you consider telling us about his website which offers Blender info spam, then WTF are we supposed to post about here? You can’t argue that posting ad-clicks isn’t spam, because it is spam, but holy crap, this isn’t for his personal benefit at all. He’s offering a bunch of free Blender related stuff. Give me a break. The only gripe I have is you told me 48 hours before I could look at it. :expressionless:

Yup, that’s what this forum is for, “being nice”.


As a Certified Spam Engineer/Specialist I can certify that this is an announcement and not spam.

I hope you’ve already coded your site, so that we can see it one stuff gets setup.

I’m happy for yah man! :smiley:

Yup, that’s what this forum is for, “being nice”.


Theeth you no what i meant :slight_smile:

Thank god someone agree’s :wink: And I can’t wait for the site to be up:) Yay :smiley:

This isn’t spam… and I agree with shbaz… it’s a page about blender… anyway …

“can not find server”

Sorry… no one likes it when people plug their websites, and, well… I’m getting a little trigger-happy with the spam emoticon I made. Sorry.

This is very strange to me, especially in a community like Blender where most of what can be found online in terms of support, tutorials and other information on Blender is largely represented as USER WEBSITES ! If these plugs would be for unrelated websites I could understand it, but as far as I have seen most people here have Blender as the main topic of their private website.

Elysiun is largely the main forum for Q&A as I’ve seen that most Blender-related forums on the big CG-websites are completely dead. So I don’t think Elysiun has anything to fear from other user’s websites. So why is it that when someone launches a personal Blender-site it is answered with this kind of negative replies ?

There is another thread currently running about the fact that Elysiun is such a friendly community and I largely concur that it is indeed very friendly. But at the same time it has some of the strangest -unwritten- rules about what can and can not be posted and how it is generally reacted upon.

congrats! what are you using to code your site?

PHP-Nuke. :smiley:
I’ll remove the link until it’s up.

PHP-Nuke. :smiley:
I’ll remove the link until it’s up.[/quote]
I hope you know that PHPnuke is a security nightmare. Of all sites getting hacked there is a substantial amount of them being exploited by some PHPnuke vulnerability. Just some sane advice, not wanting to start a flamewar.

If you want to shop around for good (or even great) portal frameworks then I suggest you make a visit to http://www.opensourcecms.com.

Except all of my content is in php-nuke format…

Isn’t the ‘content’ stored in a database (MySQL I think). So you should be able to port it fairly easy to any other system that runs on MySQL also (and most do). And it depends on how much content you already have, in some cases it’s better to redo everything from scratch.

For your information I like Xoops a lot (it’s running technogremlin.org) and I have also several sites running on Geeklog which I think is great. Besides those I do like Mambo but haven’t tried it myself yet. I also tested E107 which is quite a nice package with loads of functionality straight out of the box. They are all available at opensourcecms.com for tryout.

Hmm…It would take a LONG time to redo all of my content. :stuck_out_tongue:

If you choose another popular framework there is a serious chance that you can find conversion scripts or tools on the web.