Lenin - the movie ;)

This is a joke video, and full of bugs in graphic and music (wrong sync).
But enjoy it and do not look the bugs. :D:D:D

9 megs small version:

27 megs big version:

Created and rendered with Blender, post process with other progs.


The video is funny and looks okay, but the material for the buste looks really great. Beautiful!

Very nice endi! As Sago said, the mat’l for the bust is awesome (and the fabric background, too!) I really like the use of DoF, also. The only thing I saw was that Lenin’s head needs some other motion during the “rock” section than just nodding… also his expression could change more and even let him go crazy bouncing on and cracking more nuts! Russia gone wild!

I wonder Lenin is still waiting for his restitution at the musium in Moscow,
rocking just like this movie. Horrible and funny! Great. :smiley:

hmm. isn’t this old video? I faintly remember seeing this before… ?

the very last part looks like a still picture, with head moving. was it composited, or is that only the encoding artifacts?


I found the textures stunning…and liked it very much…

Also the DOF shots were amazing…Good work!