Lens flare of FinePix 3DW1

FinePix 3D W1 is a 3D camera.

I found this camera can shoot Lens flare in 3D,too.
So I mimicked it in Blender.


would you mind to share the file? :wink:

nice, srsly nice.

that is power if observation + knowledge. Really good work.

good work sir. I would love to check out that blend…

Well, I have been messing with blender all morning, and can’t seem to correctly reproduce the efffect. A simple explanation would be amazing. (This is exactly what I need for my current project)

wow… just wow.

Now I uploaded .Blend file.

Sorry for unprocessed structure…

Cool work, now start on all the lens types available to fill in the next year :wink: a catalogue of indie zoom lenses perhaps?

i do wish Blenders flare would get some love this good.

Alright, I organized everything, just expand each part if you want to see it, group them, whatever. I also approximated the packed texture to a blend texture so I could make the filesize smaller. Just keep in mind it is still the creation of ekakiya.


lensflare.blend (875 KB)

Holy SMOKES. This is absolutely fantastic work, and thanks for posting the .blend! It’ll take me ages to decode it…

Amazing job.


Alright, I thoroughly tweaked and added drivers, changed materials and such (now at 5 seconds per frame 900x600)

But anyway, I want to make sure that you aren’t going to have any objections to me using this. I could have taken your design strategy and just applied it from scratch, but that would take a while. It is barely recognizable, but it is still your IP.

Would you mind me using this in a possibly commercial project?